New program allows you to fight NYC tickets online

March 21, 2011 4:28:36 PM PDT
Mayor Bloomberg along with others announced a new way to dispute parking tickets online instead of having to go to court to fight them.

Online hearings will produce efficiencies for City government, reducing spending on paper and mailings, eliminating paperwork processing, and increasing the productivity of administrative law judges, who will be able to make use of time between live hearings to review digital cases.

"Enforcing our traffic laws is critically important to protecting public safety, promoting business activity, and reducing gridlock and congestion," said Mayor Bloomberg. "No one likes to get a ticket, but it shouldn't have to be so difficult and time-consuming to contest one. This new program will make it much easier and faster to contest a ticket - and save New Yorkers from having to take off work do it."

In addition to parking and red light camera tickets, New Yorkers can also contest the following tickets online:

  • Littering and Clean-up Recycling Vehicles
  • Uncovered Receptacles
  • Spillage from Truck/Receptacle
  • Unauthorized Removal of Refuse
  • Failure to Remove Canine Waste
  • Improper Containers/Receptacles for Refuse
  • Loose Rubbish
  • Improper Use of DSNY Litter Basket
  • Placement for Collection
  • Storage of Receptacles
  • Littering/Sweeping-Out/ Throwing-Out Materials in Public Space
  • Exposure of Material
  • Mixed Material
  • Failure to Clean Sidewalks etc.
  • Improper Disposal
  • Failure to Recycle
  • Failure to Separate Materials Correctly
  • Failure to use Proper Recycling Containers
  • Failure to Remove Hinges on Discarded Refrigerators
  • Failure to Provide Storage Area for Recyclable Material
  • Failure to Place Bulk Metal Next to Recycling Containers
  • Failure to Clean Recyclables
  • Failure to Educate Residents of Building of Recycling Requirements
  • Emission Creation
  • Idling More than 3 Minutes
  • Spillage from Truck/Receptacle
  • Abandoned Vehicles in Public Space
  • Health Dept. Issued tickets for Mobile Food Vending including those issued to commissaries, carts, temporary food vendors
  • Creating Dust
  • Unleashed Dogs
  • Failure to Control Dogs and Other Animals
  • Interfering with Sanitation Department Work
  • Standing Water
  • Snow and Ice Removal
  • Rodent and Pest Control

    To contest a parking ticket or Environmental Control Board ticket, visit LIVE VIDEO: