Dogs attack woman, 80, in Prospect Park

March 21, 2011 2:32:34 PM PDT
The 80 year old victim comes to Prospect Park for her daily exercise. She has for 15 years, but on Saturday she was pounced on by two large dogs.

She says she is scared to return to the park. Yuk Ho Chan, with cuts and bites to her hands and face and several stitches, described the attack that still leaves her frightened.

They were big dogs, she says.

"The dogs were all over me," she said through a translator.

Chan said she left her home at the Bishop Boardman Apartments in Brooklyn and went to Prospect Park for her exercise routine.

She had only gone into the park a short distance when she encountered the dogs.

"She was so scared. She doesn't really know. She says the two dogs come and then she fell down. She lost conscious too," Peter Wong, the building manager, explained.

Others came rushing to help her. The dog owner eventually got both dogs on leashes and pulled the dogs away.

It underscores park rules, some owners say, and the need to have control of your pets.

"She feels like the owner should be responsible," wong said.

Her exercise routine of 15 years now disrupted, Chan also realizes she is fortunate not to have been more seriously injured.