Yet another NYC tour bus crashes, this time in NH

March 24, 2011 3:37:17 AM PDT
More than a dozen people were hurt in a frightening accident involving yet another tour bus, the third crash in less than two weeks.

The crash happened in New Hampshire, and the bus company is based in Queens.

While the last two accidents have had deadly consequences, it appears that the driver and all passengers will survive this one, though at least frive of them were seriously injured.

The incident involved a bus full of Korean tourists headed to from Canada to Boston. The bus rolled over on a snowy and foggy Interstate 93 in New Hampshire. At least 17 of the 25 people on board were hurt, although none of the injuries is considered life-threatening.

"Many of them were tossed around in the bus, tossed out of their seats, thrown under seats," Littleton, New Hampshire Fire Chief Joe Mercieri said.

It was another frightening accident that could have been much worse, as Holly Williams knows. Her husband, Ophadell Williams, was driving the bus that crashed in the Bronx on March 12 and killed 15 people.

"It's something you just can't wake up from," she said.

Holly Williams says her husband, whose license was suspended last week, is still trying to process the tragedy.

"He's very hurt," she said. "He's withdrawn."

Investigators are looking into whether he may have been asleep or distracted when the bus crashed. Unflattering details of his past have been coming to light, including a manslaughter conviction and prison time for grand larceny. But his wife says she just knows him as a loving father and husband.

"I don't think your past should dictate your future," she said.

And adding to concerns about bus safety is the third accident, which happened last week in New Jersey. In that crash, a bus from Chinatown to Philadelphia rolled over, killing the driver and a passenger.

New York has been stepping up regulation of tour buses, pulling buses and drivers off the road over the weekend at checkpoints statewide.

The bus in the most recent accident was operated by Big Boy Coach, based in Flushing, but the tour was organized by Pureun Travel Agency, of Ridgefield, New Jersey.