More snow makes for slick Thursday commute

March 24, 2011 9:40:55 AM PDT
Thursday morning offered a case of deja vu, as the spring snow storm again made a mess of the morning commute.

Roads across the New York area are very slippery, and drivers are urged to use caution.

The snow moved out of Butler, New Jersey, early in the day, allowing for plows and salt trucks to make quick work of cleaning up the streets. But the latest round of snow is not only annoying for New Jersey residents, but also very expensive. The cleanup bill for the state now tops $44 million.

"It's really cold!" Parsippany resident Katelyn said.

She was wearing just pajamas and slippers, and she definitely wasn't prepared for the last blast of winter.

"They're cold," she said, of her legs and feet. "They're wet, too."

But even those dressed more appropriately weren't happy.

"We weren't expecting snow at this time of the year," one resident said. "It's quite a surprise."

A wintry mix of snow and sleet came down across the area, making for sloppy conditions for drivers and pedestrians.

"It's ridiculous," resident Jen said. "The roads are horrible, and it's already spring. It just doesn't make any sense."

So what can you make of this late March storm?

"It's spring!" one resident said. "Are we in Canada? I don't know."

Meanwhile, in Sussex County, nearly a foot of snow fell. In Sparta, that meant another day of cleanup. Streets, driveways and sidewalks had to be cleared again, and pretty much everyone Eyewitness News talked to said they are ready for it all to be over.

Salt trucks and plows were out early, and snow blowers were being used on the sidewalks. The main roads are clear, but some of the side roads were bit slushy.

Six inches of snow fell on the area Wednesday, which plow operators say caught them off guard. Thursday's work is just continued maintenance from the previous day.

Wednesday was the seventh snow day of the season in Sparta.

North and west of New York City, you can measure the pain from this storm in inches. And on Long Island, there's more concern about slick, icy roads.

There were warning signs along the Long Island Expressway in Ronkonkoma, and people had some shoveling to do in Farmingville and Selden.

But the question many people are asking is, is this storm the last straw?

There were flurries in Times Square early in the morning, but it moved out and left behind only chilly conditions. There was no accumulation, but the visibility was reduced and the pavement was slick.

While most folks are sick of these conditions, others were keeping a positive attitude and felt Times Square looked quite nice in the snow.

"We're in Times Square, c'mon," one Manhattan resident said. "Turn around. Look at it. It's great!"

"It's gorgeous!" one tourist added. "This is kind of the way you picture Times Square. We got the whole experience. It's fantastic."

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