LIRR conductors on the lookout for fare beaters

March 24, 2011 3:22:35 PM PDT
Many commuters pay more than $3,000 a year to ride the LIRR.

Those riders don't have much sympathy for those who cheat the system.

When riders board without a ticket and don't have the cash to buy one on the train, conductors take a name and an address, and the railroad sends a bill.

But LIRR officials admit that 59% of them don't pay it.

That amounts to just over $200,000 in lost revenue.

One commuter still owes them for 35 unpaid rides.

A vacant house in Greenlawn is his last known address.

Some cases are referred to collections.

Conductors also carry a list of the worst offenders and have the authority to eject them if they refuse to pay, but that can take time.

There are no plans to step-up collection efforts.

The railroad apparently believes its more trouble than it's worth.

But, commuters say that's not good enough.

They feel the LIRR needs to find a way to find the money.

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