Chaperone removes bus driver during trip to JFK

March 25, 2011 9:53:50 AM PDT
Dozens of students from Florida on a senior class trip to New York got a trip to Kennedy Airport that they'll never forget.

The group, from the Providence School in Jacksonville, was on a charter bus ride from Times Square to JFK Airport when they claim their bus driver began driving eratically.

"I think he might have swerved a little bit, and so most everyone woke up," one student said. "You could tell the chaperones were on edge."

Students say it got worse, with the driver almost stopping in the middle of the Long Island Expressway twice. But when the driver headed off the road toward a cement wall, a chaparone lept into action."

"I jumped up, grabbed the wheel, got him off, back on the road," Mike Mackey said. "We pulled over the next exit, and basically I just went up to him and said, 'Listen, you got a choice. I can call the police right now, or you let me drive the bus.'"

Mackey, who is a licensed bus driver, got all 45 students safely to JFK. Now, the passengers are calling him a hero. The driver of the Academy Bus is now the latest driver in the Tri-State area to find himself under an investigation.