Suspected Holiday Bandit busted in Queens

March 29, 2011 6:10:48 PM PDT
The so-called "Holiday Bandit" was arrested in Queens Tuesday morning after police he struck again Monday in Edison, New Jersey.

Marat Mikhaylich, the suspected Holiday Bandit, said nothing as agents led him out of the federal building in Lower Manhattan late Tuesday afternoon.

His arrest comes some three months after his alleged crime spree began.

"The Holiday Bandit's three-month bank robbery spree has come to an end," FBI Assistant Director in Charge Janice Fedarcyk said."This should serve as a stark reminder to anyone who wishes to brandish a weapon, rob a bank, and put the lives of innocent civilians at risk: we will find you and bring you to justice."

Since December, Mikhaylich is suspected of robbing at least nine banks, most of them in the city.

Seven of the robberies took place in Brooklyn, Queens and on Staten Island.

Two robberies happened in New Jersey, including a Cathay bank branch in Edison on Monday.

City officers and the FBI arrested Mikhaylich in queens after a detective in the NYPD Real Time Crime Center used license plate reader technology to determine a car that the Edison bank robber had stolen had traveled to Queens.

"When he was taken into custody, he had in his possession a handgun used in the course of the robberies," Fedarcyk said.

Federal investigators say the Holiday Bandit made off with at least 80-thousand dollars, but add that sum could rise as their investigation continues. They believe he would have hit more banks had he not been arrested today.