Stood up at the altar

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Seven On Your Side
April 4, 2011 2:47:14 PM PDT
The publisher and the book editor had written the perfect story for an fairy tale wedding. But when the restaurant went bus, they had to re-write the first chapter in their romance.The invitations went out. The wedding dress was ordered. But the restaurant for the reception closed down.

" I panicked. I was shocked," said groom to be Neil Levine. It was up to Neil to break the news to his bride-to-be, Jeanne Glasser. Last month, Vince and Eddie's, a fixture on the Upper West Side suddenly shut down.

Even today outside its doors a supplier showed up retrieving linens left inside. "We came and the whole place was shut down," said the workman.

Last October, the Jersey City couple put down more than $4,100 for an elegant lunch at Vince and Eddie's, on one of the most popular weekends to get married, the last Saturday in May.

But, the couple was left scrambling for another venue and sleuthing to locate a responsible party in small claims court, while responses from their guests rolled in.

So we tracked down the restaurant's owner by phone, who explained he was trying to re-open. AND assured us the woman would be paid not by him, but by someone else.

And that someone else proved to be a most unlikely hero, an investor in the restaurant.

"He said he's sending a check," said the bride to be. "I'll have it on Monday, thank you."

And true to his word - a check for the full amount, arrived within days.

The restaurant's investor told Jeanne he plans to go above and beyond to pay the restaurant's debts and hopefully re-open it in the coming months.

Story by: Nina Pineda

Produced by: Steve Livingstone