Port Jefferson offering parking ticket amnesty

April 5, 2011 8:17:48 PM PDT
One Long Island village is offering parking ticket amnesty to offenders for the month of April.

To pay or not to pay your parking ticket is the question now facing some 5,000 offenders who have outstanding fines from Port Jefferson.

The Suffolk County village is now offering a month of amnesty.

You can settle any ticket from the last 7 years and they will take off 40%.

Senior Justice Court Clerk Christine Wood sent out the letters two weeks ago and Tuesday got a lot of payments.

However, not all are applauding the offer of generosity from the village.

Dan DeSantis says he's gotten at least $200 worth of tickets when business gets busy and he can't run to feed the meter every 30 minutes.

He pays his fines on time and now wishes he hadn't.

Ticket holders have until the end of the month to take advantage of the deal.

After that, the village will start issuing judgments.

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