Internet insults prompt calls to halt website

April 8, 2011 3:23:29 PM PDT
Talk to students at Drew University and just about all of them have an opinion about the website,

"ACB" stands for anonymous conference board. It allows people to post hurtful, offensive gossip anonymously.

Trouble is they can name the people they're gossiping about.

"I know people who were talked about, upset by the things that were said," freshman Adrianna Hardaway said.

"It's hard when you think you might be on it," freshman Lana Foord said.

It got especially hurtful about 6 weeks ago at the school when one poster wrote, "Who are the fattest people on campus? Call 'em out!"

A freshman saw her full name on the site. The students' parents called the school.

"It's not the property of drew, so we weren't able to remove the post, or get the site taken down," Drew University spokesman Dave Muha said.

In fact, Drew University is one of several hundred schools on the site, but this school is now encouraging the state's attorney general to investigate, hoping anti-bullying or harassment laws will apply.

Meanwhile, no one knows the website's owner. It was recently sold to someone new, but the offensive posts run the spectrum from racist to anti-Semitic to just plain bad.

The school is just trying to encourage its students to stop posting.

"Students have been boycotting the site, putting positive messages, supportive messages," Muha said.

As some are now forced to worry, if they might be mentioned next.

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