NY to replace 1.2 million EZ Pass tags

EZ Pass

April 12, 2011 3:44:35 AM PDT
There's an important note if you have an EZ Pass on your car or truck: the tags have shelf lives.

The MTA expects to replace 1.2 million tags this year, because the old tags last just about 10 years and many may be worn out.

Drivers will also have to return the old tags in postage paid envelopes.

Not returning it will result in a $23 charge.

The tag replacement program only affects MTA issued EZ Pass accounts. The last tag swap occurred from 2002-2006. Since the batteries inside EZ Pass tags are sealed, the entire tag must be replaced.

Account holders will first receive a letter from Bridges and Tunnels with the number of the tag that needs to be replaced. Not every tag on an account may need to be changed since they may have been added at different times. Up to four tags are allowed on each private account.

E-ZPass tag holders are advised to make sure that their account information is up-to-date. Name, address, vehicle make and license plate information can be verified by logging onto your account at EZPassNY.com or by calling the New York EZ Pass Customer Service Center at 1-800 333-TOLL.