Senator seeks limit on sweet alcohol drinks

April 12, 2011 2:32:24 PM PDT
Sugary, fruit flavored and packed with alcohol.

Area authorities are trying to get the drinks out of convenience stores, and onto the shelves of liquor stores.

Four Loko and other flavored malt beverages are back on store shelves. Manufacturers have removed the caffeine at the insistence of the Food and Drug Administration, but the drinks referred to by some as binge in can still contain 12 percent alcohol.

The inexpensive, sugary, flavored beverages are also popular with underage drinkers. This winter a high school freshman in Stamford was hospitalized after drinking Four Loko on school grounds.

At a hearing in Albany state Senator Jeff Klein said the drinks are too accessible to teens.

Bronxville Mayor Mary Marvin has worked to increase awareness among parents. Meantime Klein is proposing legislation that would require flavored malt beverages to be sold in liquor stores.

It's another battle in the fight against underage drinking.

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