The Blue School opens its doors to creativity

April 13, 2011 2:55:13 PM PDT
The founders of the Blue Man Group have opened a New York City school that promotes creativity and learning.

The unique Blue Man Show has sparked the imaginations of many over the years, and now the same experience can be found at The Blue School.

"We started Blue Man Group with just a playful glint in our eye and no plan on where it would go, we want to encourage other children to follow their bliss," says co-founder Chris Wink.

The classroom environment is one that promotes self-expression and exploration while remaining focused on academics.

"We try to get to all the subject matter, the literacy, math, social studies through this path the kids are involved in shaping," says co-founder Matt Goldman.

Students, parents and teachers are equally involved in activities at the school.

"Some days we're in the classroom, some days we're not, it's just a very natural process and it will be interesting to see how it evolves," says parent Mark Graham.

"Because he's so unbelievably joyful about being here. He's open to learning. He's hungry for it," adds parent Jill Cohen.

Kids ranging from pre-school to the 5th grade can demonstrate their curiosity freely and Blue School founders feel it will aid in a better education overall.

"We focus on finding what an individual child's element is or elements are, find out what they are excited by and good at and cultivate that," says co-founder Phil Stanton.

The school was created five years ago and has now found a permanent location in Lower Manhattan.

The idea began with 14 children in a play group.

Now, there are 155 students enrolled in the school and counting.

"Light a match that will start a fire around the world," adds Stanton.