New evidence found in search for LI serial killer

April 14, 2011 2:36:08 PM PDT
Yet another day of searching along Ocean Parkway saw a police helicopter guiding officers with chainsaws to access eighteen areas of interest.

They even pulled out evidence, including a black plastic bag and several canvas bags, and drove them away for analysis. Police have not said what the new evidence is.

"We want to catch the criminal that did this. We want to find out who these people are we want to identify them and we want to catch them," Captain Louis Weber of New York State Police said.

Investigative sources tell ABC News they're increasingly convinced they're looking at two separate suspects, including one serial killer who murdered the four prostitutes, discovered in December wrapped in burlap along the beach in Suffolk County.

The other killer is responsible for the deaths of three adults and one child, found months later, but likely dumped earlier.

Then there's the question of two more sets of human remains that could represent one or two other victims discovered this week in Nassau County.

"I think it's in everybody's best interest to do the best search we possibly can and to find everything, whether they're connected or not," Weber said.

The FBI flew high overhead on Thursday taking high resolution pictures of the area, forcing a closure of ocean parkway and stranding beachgoers in a parking lot for almost an hour.

But by 4:00 p.m., the ground search was ruled over for now and now, police say, the detective work begins.

"Obviously, we don't have everything back from forensics yet, but when we do, we will sit in a room without any reporters and we will speculate a lot, cause that's what we do," Weber said.

Police are still waiting to hear from the medical examiner if the most recent sets of remains found near each other belong to the same person or are two separate victims. That would bring the total number of bodies found so far to either nine or 10.