Wedding rings ripped off women on Long Island

April 14, 2011 3:19:13 PM PDT
A Long Island woman, unloading groceries in her garage had her wedding ring ripped off her finger.

It happened in the Kings Point, Great Neck area where home break-ins have become epidemic.

It happened on Ballantine Lane Kings Point yesterday afternoon.

Detectives say the man ran into the 66-year-old woman's garage, put his hand over her mouth and pushed her into the seat of her car.

Investigators say he stole the woman's wedding ring and took off in an awaiting car.

Police believe this is connected to a similar robbery Friday afternoon.

A 38-year-old woman's diamond engagement ring was stolen as she too unloaded groceries at her Great Neck home.

Detectives say in that case on Dorsett road a man put his arm around her neck while a second man put his hands around her head.

For several months now the generally quiet and peaceful communities have lived under a cloud of worry and concern.

Neighbors have dealt with a rash of residential break-ins into occupied homes since late last year.

Police don't believe it's related but certainly unsettling for neighbors

The best description the victim gave is a Hispanic male, clean shaven about 6 feet tall and about 180 pounds.

If you saw something say something call crime stoppers at 800-244-tips.

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