LI serial killer search resume Monday

April 17, 2011 5:43:40 PM PDT
The search for remains of more possible victims of a serial killer resumes on Long Island on Monday.

Investigators returned to the dunes on Friday, searching for more evidence and perhaps more remains.

Suffolk police divers searched the shallow waters near Oak Beach on Friday and recovered what appeared to some observers to be a bone fragment from the sandy bottom.

But like so many strange and not-so-strange-objects recovered here in recent days, its significance is impossible to measure. Authorities believe it is animal remains, but testing is not complete.

Authorities said identifying the human remains already recovered is crucial to this case.

"We're waiting for the forensic analysis of the remains that have been recently found in Suffolk County as well as those found in Nassau County. When we get those answers, as soon as we possibly can, we will make that information available," Dominick Varrone, Suffolk Police Chief of Detectives, said.

Eight sets of human remains have been discovered in Suffolk County. Bones and a skull were recovered in two separate locations, several miles down the road in Nassau County this week.

Only four of those bodies have been identified. All were women who vanished between July 2007 and September of last year.

There's still no trace of Shannan Gilbert, whose disappearance last year prompted the search that uncovered the bodies.

If there are others, investigators are hoping that a series of over-flights with a high-tech FBI imaging device will find them.

"These flyovers maybe able to identify skeletal remains that we have not located," Varrone said.

Varrone said the flyover is expected to happen on Monday.