Reduce stress with "One Moment Meditation"

April 18, 2011 8:25:49 PM PDT
April is national stress awareness month. There's no city that knows more about stress than New York City. But, there are ways to help us find our peace in all the hustle and bustle and keep us from being overwhelmed in our daily lives.

"I feel it in my body. My head starts hurting a little bit. The body gets a little weak," George Duff said.

A Harris poll of nearly 1,000 adults found more than three-fourths of U.S. workers are stressed about their jobs and according to the American Psychological Association, a majority of Americans experience moderate or high levels of stress, but feel unable to do anything about it.

However, one man who doesn't have that problem is meditation expert Martin Boroson. He is the author of the book entitled "One Moment Meditation".

"Clearly we are getting busier and busier and we have more and more time commitments. But I don't think it is just the external situation. I think there is a way in which we are making ourselves crazier," said Boroson.

"The first step to dealing with stress is to acknowledge when you feel it. Don't be afraid to say out loud, I am stressed," he added.

The next step is not letting people's stress become contagious. Boroson advocates learning how to meditate. He challenges people to find ways to bring "stillness" as he calls it into our lives. That means putting down that cell phone and putting a hold on that twitter post. Others advise living a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, sensible meals and most important plenty of rest.

Finally, consider adopting a companion animal, which research has shown to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, provide unconditional love and companionship, and so much more.