Ways to celebrate the royal wedding

April 20, 2011 11:15:10 AM PDT
The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton may be scheduled for London, but those in New York City have several options to join in on the celebration.

Spectators will be able to flood the streets in Greenwich Village for a bash that will include breakfast at Lyon as well as music and dancers throughout the day.

Tea & Sympathy is one of the restaurants that will be organizing the event.

"We're all going to wear hats and the boys will have on morning suits and we'll call them ushers for the day. We're expecting a lot of people on this block," says Nicky Perry, owner of Tea & Sympathy.

Others who are anticipating the big day can check into the Loews Regency Hotel on the Upper East Side.

There will be a wake-up call for the early morning wedding and room service that includes a mini wedding cake.

"I think a lot of people are going to be at home in bed and instead you can get your girlfriends and stay a night in the hotel. Take a day off and just hang out. We thought it was something fun," says Lark-Marie Anton of Loews.

Weddingchannel.com suggests preparing scones, jam, and tea which are known as typical British fare.

"We've all loved everything British, everything from their décor to their food. It's been so popular," says Sarah Newell of the website.

"It's a wedding so it's a really special time and everyone is really excited," she adds.

It is all set to take place on April 29th, be sure to save the date.

Royal Wedding Trivia

Q. What was the subject William and Kate were studying at St. Andrews when they first met in 2001?
A. Art History. William later changed to geography.

Q. In what country did Prince William propose to Kate Middleton?
A. Kenya in October.

Q. What endearing mistake did Lady Diana make during her wedding ceremony with Prince Charles?
A. She mixed up the order of Prince Charles' names.

Q. When he marries on April 29, this will be the second time Prince William has participated in a royal wedding at Westminster Abbey. What was the first occasion?
A. He was a miniature groomsman in Prince Andrew's (his uncle) wedding to Sarah Ferguson in 1986.

Q. Who is the taller royal groom, Prince Philip or Prince William?
A. Prince William at 6'3" is taller by 1 inch.