Limited edition Kate Middleton doll released

April 20, 2011 2:44:22 PM PDT
A limited edition Kate Middleton doll has been released by The Franklin Mint and another is on the way.

The 16-inch-doll is a replica of Prince William's soon to be wife, her attire exactly as it was on the moment of their engagement.

"We are capturing a moment of history, so we want exactly how she appeared to the world on that day," says Gwynne Gorr of The Franklin Mint.

Kate's blue jersey dress, jewelry, sapphire ring, and even her hair have been recreated to show the smallest of details.

"We have a portrait sculpture that we use for these types of projects who is ready and waiting. He cleared his desk. We already reviewed many, many photographs and knew the angles and looks we wanted to bring to her face," says Gwynne.

"In the doll world, getting things to scale is absolutely critical so there are a variety of fibers we had to look at to get the hair to lay the way we wanted it to," she adds.

After three months, the doll has been perfected and the company has big plans for a wedding day version.

"The flower bouquet will look like what she carries that day and then there's the infamous tiara, which one will she wear?" says Gwynne.

The doll has sparked an increase in sales of the late Princess Diana doll.

"The Kate Middleton phenomenon has really reinvigorated people's memories about Diana and what a special time that was, how beautiful she was, and how much we all got carried away by her Cinderella story," adds Gwynne.

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