Mixed reaction continues on Wal-Mart in NYC

April 21, 2011 3:26:51 PM PDT
It may be the world's largest retailer, but a whole lot of people in Brooklyn want no part of Wal-Mart in their neighborhood.

Today there was a protest in East New York on Thursday trying to stop a rumored deal to build Wal-Mart's first store in New York City.

Business owners about a mile away from the rumored location near the Gateway Mall are worried.

"Well I think if they coming we will be crushed. We will be crushed because most of the people will go there and you know their products are cheap too," said Carol Griffith.

But in the neighborhood, there were also Wal-Mart supporters.

Wal-Mart has gone all out trying to sway the skeptics who accuse the company of being anti-union, anti-women. They've purchased newspaper ads and even a round of slick television ads.

The blitz may be working. A recent poll shows 57 percent of New Yorker's think elected officials should allow Wal-Mart to open in the city.

Even bitter opponents sound about ready to give up.

"I would hope it's not a done deal but I do have fear it is a done deal," said Laura McCarter.

The company says there is no deal for the land yet.