Teens allegedly beat girl with padlock in a sock

April 22, 2011 3:15:24 AM PDT
A teenage girl was beaten with a padlock in a sock, allegedly by her classmates to keep her out of a talent show.

"You want all my love and my devotions," sang Schacara McLaurin. "You want my love and soul right on the line."

Sometimes it's hard to put feelings like sadness or joy into words.

When the 17-year-old McLaurin needs to express her emotions, she does it in song.

"I wasn't able to sing," she said. "I was able to talk very little. And everybody knows how much I love to sing."

Schacara is working through the pain of being beaten and bruised because for her talent.

She says five Brooklyn high school students wanted to silence her three weeks ago, hoping to keep her out of a talent show.

"They jumped me. I was beat with a padlock in a sock," McLaurin said.

Schacara was surrounded by the girls right outside her voice coach's Bedford-Stuyvesant home .

"I had a knot in my head," she said. "A gash in my head. A gash by my ear which caused me to get six stitches. And I suffered a lot of pain and now I'm not able to hear well."

Her mother was too emotional to talk on camera.

She's so proud her daughter is back where she belongs: on stage.

"I want to sing," she said. "I want to sing. All I want to do is sing."