More human remains found in Nassau County

April 22, 2011 2:07:29 PM PDT
Police found more human remains on Long Island in their search for clues in the serial killer case.

Two teeth were found by searchers today at a bird sanctuary at /*Tobay Beach*/, about a foot from where a skull was previously discovered.

The teeth "appear to be connected to the skull, although the medical examiner will make that final determination," /*Nassau County*/ Police Det. /*Lt. Kevin Smith*/ said.

Today's search was actually a continuation of one that began last week.

The latest search focused on a 25 foot square area.

"They are digging through the area looking for more bones that might have been in the vicinity that might have been carried off by an animal, but in close proximity," said Lt. Det. Kevin Smith

Early in the search they did discover a shoe, which was bagged by investigators and will be looked at later.

Tutting through the dense bramble with chain saws and machetes, they spent time raking ground areas for any bones.

Forensic experts were also on hand to make a determination if any remains are human.

"We have found two sets of remains. Right now we do not have a criminal homicide but we are investigating the circumstances upon which those bones were placed here," adds Det. Lt. Kevin Smith.

Investigators could not say if they see any connection between the remains and the remains of four missing prostitutes recently discovered along a stretch of /*Ocean Parkway*/ in /*Suffolk County*/.

They area also waiting while the /*FBI*/ analyses data from sophisticated aeriel imaging and mapping equipment.

Lt. Det. Smith adds, "They are able to get a wide and vast look at the area. And they are able to go through that data, eventually, over the course of the next 10 days and they might be able to determine that there are others sites that we have to go back and visit.

The first remains were found as police searched for a New Jersey prostitute *Shannan Gilbert*/ last seen in the area a year ago. She has not been found.

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