Police search for possible cross-dressing murder suspect

Police in Yonkers are looking for a suspect in a double murder case.

April 22, 2011 2:40:33 PM PDT
Police are looking for a suspect wanted in connection to a double murder in Yonkers.

The 23-year-old murder suspect is said to be armed and dangerous and now going around in women's clothing.

Police are trying to gather information on the suspect who has been on the loose for almost a year.

They have been circulating flyers door-to-door to catch 22-year-old /*Ronnell Jones*/.

Jones is one of three gunmen allegedly involved in a wild shooting last July, at the /*Cromwell Towers*/. Police feel they may have a picture of the suspect, but they are concerned that the picture they have may not be what Jones currently looks like.

Police suspect that Jones has been disguising himself as a woman, wearing a wig and possibly women's clothing to elude authorities.

Yonkers police commissioner Edmund Hartnett is urging Jones to turn himself in.

Investigators believe that /*robbery*/ was the motive for the incident last July, in which two people were killed and four others shot, including a five-year-old boy.

One of the victims in the robbery was /*Kasheem Little*/, who is also known as /*Killa Kash*/. Little was the leader of a rival gang, which might be the motive behind the robbery.

Two of the three suspects have been arrested but Jones remains at large.

Witnesses on two different occasions have told police they saw Jones dressed in drag. However, his brother /*Jontae Walker/* claims that he has not seen Jones in a long time and certainly not dressed as a woman.

Jones remains on the loose but police are hoping that their increased presence and a $5,000 reward will lead to an arrest.

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