LI man accused of throwing neighbor's dog in street

April 24, 2011 8:36:44 AM PDT
A New York man is accused of throwing his neighbor's dog about ten feet into the middle of a road, injuring the animal's tail and causing stitches from a recent surgery to tear apart.

The 1-year-old dachshund named Coco was taken to a veterinarian for treatment.

Police say 56-year-old Jamie Sanchez hurled the dog into the street in Franklin Square on Saturday after getting into an argument with Coco's owner.

His neighbor was walking Coco when police say the suspect threatened to sic his dog on them if they got on his property.

The neighbors argued, and police say the suspect grabbed Coco's leash and threw the dog into the road.

Sanchez was arrested on charges including overdriving and torturing animals. He's scheduled to be arraigned Sunday.

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