Expensive wedding video producer doesn't produce

Seven On Your Side
May 27, 2011 2:05:28 PM PDT
A wedding day dream turned into a two year long nightmare for one couple from our area.

Elke Dunbar hired Reynolds Company Interactive Entertainment back in 2009 - paying top dollar, $5,600, up front to the Fairfield based DJ and producer to document her special wedding day.

He told the couple that they would have everything in six months.

20 months later? Nothing.

"It's unbelievable. It's lies. It's deceit. It's hurtful?It really is," she says.

After a year of excuses and broken promises, the newlyweds went looking for Joe and their wedding package in person.

"He basically told us he has nothing for us and he will contact us when he can, but for us never to come to his office for our items because they're not there," says Elke.

According to Elke, Reynolds would not tell her where he photos and videos were, just that he couldn't pay for the finished products.

As it turns out, Elke's not alone.

Michelle Woolen says she tracked down a raw video and paid the videographer for it directly after waiting two years for Joe Reynolds to produce her wedding video.

"I had to pay him over $800 just to get my video, so basically, I'm out $2,300," says Michelle.

She sued Reynolds and won a judgment. The court froze his bank account but she only got half the money back.

As we confronted Joe Reynolds for Elke's video, he is in a hurry to get away from our questions, but in no rush to deliver the photo albums and wedding videos of clients.

"She'll be getting it momentarily," he responded when 7 On Your Side asked where the videos were.

"Joe, you said you'd have it in November."

"We had problems with the business and we had to close."

"What Kind of problems?"

"The economy."

"But Joe, she paid you 5,600 bucks"

"Have a nice day."

He claims he's closed, but on his company's Facebook page he brags about landing an upcoming wedding gig.

And so 7 On Your Side went to investigate.

"Joe your business is not closed."

"Yes it is."

"No it's not we just got on the website and we saw that you are still doing business you gust bragged about getting a wedding at the tides. Why can't she just get her own pcitures and video?" "It will be sent to her momentarily."

2 weeks later, Elke Dunbar finally had her video and album and could finally see what she paid for 2 years ago.

"Wow, thank you, thank so much. Within 2 weeks you guys where here and you really helped me and I'm really thank you for that."