Royal wedding memorabilia

April 26, 2011 9:22:10 AM PDT
Easter Monday was a bank holiday in London, and with temperatures in the 70's, people took advantage of the warm weather, sunning in St. James Park.

In front of Westminster Abbey in three and a half days, billions will be watching as Prince William and Kate say "I do."

After the nuptials, they will head to Buckingham Palace, where today crowds of tourists posed for photos. On the center balcony Friday, the newlyweds will greet everyone and, hopefully please them with a traditional kiss.

The park is along the wedding procession route, where there was an increase in security. Officers who usually wouldn't be there were standing guard.

Metal gates line the streets. Come Friday, 5,000 police officers will be on patrol, as well as nearly 200 horses and dozens of bomb-sniffing dogs.

The cost for security, some predict, will be as much as 30 million dollars.

But the wedding is also bringing in big bucks for tourism in London.

We checked out some of the memorabilia being sold from the high end, to most popular and things tourists hope to find.

"People would have to feel near and dear to the event to actually purchase something with William and Katherine, wouldn't you say?" said tourist Ugochi Nwoga.

Experts predict the sale of wedding merchandise will be icing on the cake to the tune of roughly 43 million dollars. The favorites - anything with the word tea in front of it.

"Tea towels are the main thing I've been asked to bring back. Every tea towel we've seen is here like a towel and they're trying to sell me a tea towel," said Natalie Stivala, a tourist from Australia.

Even if you're too young to remember all of this, there will be plenty of reminders down the road, how a love story hypnotized the world.

Just outside of Buckingham Palace is the official souvenir shop, where, if you have the bucks to spend, they've got something for you. A $140 tiara and an enamel box for a whopping $816.

"This will get passed down to me so eventually it will end up in my house," said Cheri Parent, who bought a commemorative mug for her mom for about $200.

"It's just a worldwide fantasy for everybody. Being a royal event, I wanted to be part of it," said Imelda Nwoga, a tourist from Connecticut.

Liz Cho and Kemberly Richardson report from London all week on Eyewitness News!