Slithering burglar caught on camera in NJ

April 25, 2011 8:24:33 PM PDT
Incredible surveillance video shows the lengths some crooks will go to pull off a heist.

The target was a convenience store in New Jersey.

The suspect was caught on surveillance camera squeezing his way into the store, poking around near the cash register, grabbing lottery tickets, grabbing cigarettes and just about anything else he can reach from his knees.

James Moreno installed the store's security cameras.

"I'm pretty sure he's coming back," Moreno said.

He thinks the man in the video is the same guy who's broken into the Little Ferry "46 Quick Mart" at least three other times.

The first time was last August, and then there was a break in back in January, and then two more this month alone.

He may have gotten away with previous break-ins, but in the latest incident he was clearly caught on camera.

He busted through the sheet rock of the vacant store next door.

That's the way he's been getting in each and every time.

Police are of course investigating and the store owner is beefing up security yet again.

You'd think that after four break-ins the owner would throw in the towel.

But Shanti Panchal says next time around he'll be ready. He actually hopes there is a next time so he can catch him.

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