Wife, police seek help finding missing man

April 26, 2011 2:41:48 PM PDT
The last time anyone saw Cedric Smith was as he was leaving St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center.

That was last Thursday and he is still missing.

"I know he is confused. He's hungry. He's wet. He's dirty. He just needs to come home. If someone sees him, please call," said his wife, Cathy Smith.

She is upset and confused that her 58 year old husband Cedric Smith has been missing for the last five days.

"He had two grand mal seizures and after that he had three small seizures," she said.

That's when Cathy called 911.

Paramedics, she says, took Cedric to St. Joseph Medical Center last Tuesday where stayed in the hospital for treatment.

She saw him on Tuesday and Wednesday.

"I said to my husband i am putting money into your pocket for a taxi, because I am doing errands for you tomorrow because he was going to Jamaica the following Saturday," she explained.

On Thursday she called the hospital. She says she was told he had been discharged and put on a bus. She doesn't know if it was a public or private bus, or where he ended up.

"My husband never came home from the hospital. I have not seen or heard anything from him," she said.

As police search the city, there was a report he was sighted at East Main Street and Belle Avenue. So far, investigators have come up empty.

"He has diabetes and he walks with a limp and has very, very poor vision," Smith said.

Police are asking anyone who might recognize him to please call them.

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