Stem cell injections for younger skin

April 26, 2011 2:42:34 PM PDT
There's a new beauty treatment that combines several procedures and uses them in a whole new way.

The results yield younger looking skin.

There is no surgery required, but needles and injections are a big part of the procedure.

What's being injected is the thing that's new here, its stem cells.

"I'm hoping I feel and look more beautiful in the most natural way," Lori Sutherland said.

That's why Lori Sutherland has come to Plastic Surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe, but not for surgery, or fillers, or Botox for that matter.

"We're going to re-inject it into your face," Dr. Rowe said.

Instead, Lori is going to be injected with her own stem cells.

The way to harvest those stem cells is to first remove some fat from her belly, a mini lipo if you will.

"I'm going to take about 100cc which is about a half cup of coffee," Dr. Rowe said.

That fat is then brought to the lab in the next room, where it's spun, allowing the fat to separate from the stem cells.

The stem cells are the key, because unlike other cells, stem cells can morph depending on where they're used.

Stem cells will regenerate and continue to produce, and that bodes well for a patient like Lori who is looking to fill deep lines and the hollow areas of her face.

Dr. Rowe injects the stem cells in the necessary areas of Lori's face.

There's no risk of her rejecting the cells because they're her own.

That's part of what appealed to her.

"I want my body in my body," Sutherland said.

One month later, she returned for a follow up with Dr. Rowe.

"I think you look wonderful," Dr. Rowe said.

Her own stem cells are steadily filling in areas of her face.

"I love it, I have my cheeks back, thank you," Sutherland said, "It's my body, it's my beauty, and I'd like to own that, it thrills me."

The procedure costs about $6,000.

The results are said to last about five years or longer.

If Dr. Rowe were to use regular fillers and Botox to create the same, fuller look in Lori, it would run about $4,000, but those results would only last about a year.

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