Crime on the rise in Newark

April 26, 2011 8:25:00 PM PDT
There have been three fatal shootings in Newark in the past two days.

Tuesday night on the streets of Newark police responded to another shooting.

An 18-year-old was found shot.

He is expected to survive, but you can now add what happened here to the crime statistics.

"Let's not exaggerate the reality," Newark Mayor Cory Booker said.

Mayor Cory Booker defended his approach to making the city safer.

"We are flat on murders in the six months, flat this April compared to last. But that doesn't mean we don't have a problem," Mayor Booker said.

The Mayor's critics say part of the problem: Fewer cops on Newark's streets.

Late last year, the budget crunch led to cuts in the police force.

More than 160 cops were let go.

The result: according to the police union: - Murders are up 66%.
- The number of shooting victims spiked 78%.
- According to the union carjackings rose 150%.

A spokesman says, "The mayor doesn't have the manpower or the plan to address the problem."

"It's disgusting that they would even enter into this discussion right now," Mayor Booker said in response.

He says his administration is developing new strategies to fight crime.

Will those strategies work for the residents who live here?

"It concerns us that crime has shot up," said Elaine Neves, a Newark resident.

Elaine Neves and Michael DeBrito say they moved back to Newark because they believed it was on the right track.

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