Storm tears through Denville, NJ

April 30, 2011 6:59:02 PM PDT
The same storm system that devastated the south, brought heavy downpours and punishing wind to the New York and New Jersey area as well.

The storm brought down trees and power lines, hitting the hardest in Denville, New Jersey.

"It was very scary," a Denville resident said.

It must have been very scary when the sky turned pitch black at noon and Denville turned into Kansas.

"The shed was whipped. It went up, and then it went down," the resident went on to describe.

Eyewitness News later found her shed upside-down where the wind left it.

Nothing was normal with trees all over the neighborhood, horizontal instead of vertical, knocking down power lines and landing on houses.

"When I got the phone call, my stomach was shaking as it was, but I just came home and looked at it. What can I say? Just clean up time," another Denville resident said.

"It was scary there for a while," said Jim Marvel, a Denville resident.

Marvel grew up in the Midwest and thought he left tornadoes back there.

"Then we had a major gust of wind, everything that was on one side of our deck, ended up on the other side of the deck, and that's 17 feet away," Marvel said.

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