Was a Bronx prosecutor spared in DWI bust?

April 29, 2011 3:20:57 PM PDT
The lawyer for Bronx Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Troiano says his client is mortified over the accusations surrounding her in the papers.

Reports have her using her clout to get out of a DWI stop in 2009. The news is said to be an embarrassment to her fellow prosecutors investigating police officers fixing parking tickets for friends and caused the police commissioner to look into the latest chapter in the scandal.

"Going over the logs...checking out what records we have of this case," Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

Troiano's name apparently came up after prosecutors investigated her involvement in a separate DWI case in 2010.

The Daily News reports a source tells them in the earlier case that she told police she is a prosecutor and the case disappeared.

Jennifer Troiano is assigned to the arson/auto/economic crime bureau. Her attorney does not believe she is tied to the broader ticket fixing probe where as many as 40 police officers are under a grand jury investigation.

All of this has gotten the mayor's attention

"There should not be ticket fixing. It really is an outrage," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

Troiano's lawyer says she has no comment to make and he will only say in the 2009 case she been detained and released.

A spokesman for the Bronx District Attorney says Troiano's case is being handled by the Manhattan DA's office.

When asked if there has been a long standing practice of law enforcement officials illegally fixing tickets, the mayor said he is waiting to hear what the investigation uncovers.

"There is nobody that wants to stop it more than our police commissioner. He is gung ho to stop it as anybody," Bloomberg said.

Troiano has not been disciplined because she has not been found guilty of any crime. Meanwhile, the grand jury investigation continues.