Corporate pilot not paid by fashion designer

Seven On Your Side
May 5, 2011 2:36:05 PM PDT
Flying around in a private plane may be a luxury for a lot, but for some people, it's a convenient way to get around.

But, it is expensive.

When a corporate pilot who was flying around for a pretty famous fashion designer wasn't getting paid he turned to 7 On Your Side.

The corporate pilot worked for a jet-setting fashion designer and is one of the original partners of Jay-Z's "Roca Wear".

But when it came time to get paid, the fly boy found himself up in the air until he got 7 on his side.

It's what Ricky Rico lives for.

He flies a single engine plane just for fun.

His day job is a corporate pilot, when Eyewitness News was with him he was landing a privately-owned Learjet worth millions of dollars.

"This is my livelihood. Who wants to be 50 and wonder where your next paycheck is coming from?" Rico said.

This pilot's been spinning his wheels for months, because he is out more than $9,000 in salary after flying his former employer, fashion designer Alex Bize, in the CEO's own private jet.

"So you were with him all month?" 7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda asked.

"Basically all month, every weekend," Rico said.

The jet setting Bize was one of Jay-Z's partners who started "Roca Wear".

Today, Bize runs his own sportswear company called "Cavi".

Last January, Rick flew the clothing magnet but wasn't paid.

Now, Rick's fallen behind on his mortgage and is trying to dig out from under a mountain of bills.

"I spoke to him and he said he would send the check out, and I never received one," Rico said.

That money never made it to Rick Rico. After a couple of months of waiting, he reached out to 7 On Your Side and asked Eyewitness News to get in the cockpit, and this time the check was really in the mail.

He received two checks totaling more than $9,200 as payment in full.

"I'd like to thank you very much for helping me with my collection and I can get back to paying my bills on time," Rico said.

Rick says that money will help get his mortgage current.

7 On Your Side spoke to the fashion designer, Bize, who said Rick was 100% right, and he should've paid him months ago.

After the call he apologized and sent out the money which arrived the next day.

In fact, he says he hopes Rick will still pilot his plane.