Broadway get first 'green' theater

May 6, 2011 1:04:14 PM PDT
The Great White Way is preparing for its first truly green theater.

Construction began in 2004, and now the 50,000-square foot theater is nearing completion. It comes with more seats than before and healthier ones at that.

Aside from the 1918 facade and some salvaged pieces inside, everything at Henry Miller's Theatre is new. And despite the sea of red, the theater is green.

The fabric on the seats is recycled, and wood throughout is either bamboo or sourced from sustainably-managed forests.

So take a deep breath in, because carbon dioxide is monitored and fresh, filtered air is coming in. It will help you stay awake during a show.

New York's first green theater also incorporates modern theater technology, including a new fly tower, a deep stage and precise lighting.

Female theater-goers will love the number of toilets. Men may notice the waterless urinals.

But before any of this was built, the old theater had to be torn down in an eco-friendly manner.

Then, at least 25 percent of the construction materials came from local sources within 500 miles. Henry Miller described his favorite color as green. Little did he know green would take on a whole different meaning for the theater's current owner.

David Horowitz was the project director for Tishman Construction, which built the theater.

The first show planned for the theater is "Bye Bye Birdie," set to open in October.