Eco-friendly beauty without breaking the bank

May 6, 2011 1:07:28 PM PDT
A new wave in beauty products can help you look good without being harmful to mother nature.

"There have been huge shifts in the beauty industry," said Allyson Waterman, of Lucky Magazine. "Expectations are higher."

Waterman says women don't want to have to sacrifice style or quality when it comes to eco-friendly beauty products. The magazine recently did a wrap up of a wide array of products available, from body oils to makeup.

Selling products that are eco-friendly products is nothing to blink at; it's the idea behind Wink Beauty Bar in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. In fact, the owners went out of their way to make sure almost everything in the shop is kind to the environment. So the dark wood is repurposed, the paint on the walls is toxin free and so is the paint for your nails. There are three different brands of polish that are free of parabens and formaldehyde, and the polish remover is organic, as well.

The aestheticians at Wink also make an effort to conserve water, relying on hot towels instead of long soaks, and all of their masks, lotions and scrubs are made to order. Many products are even vegan.

"The wax used is vegetable based, and wouldn't you know it," said Wink owner Tani Chambers, who is a vegetarian.

"As a consumer, I knew there are other consumers who feel the same way as me," Chambers said.

She said that despite what people think, treatments at Wink are comparable in price to other area salons; this she believes is the hidden fact about eco beauty. Chambers points out that you can find almost everything you would use on a daily basis for under 20 dollars."

And eco-friendly beauty products are available at drug stores, department stores and discount stores.

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