LI music teacher accused of inappropriate contact

May 10, 2011 2:37:28 PM PDT
A music teacher in Nassau County, Long Island is facing child sex charges.

Bayville resident Evelyn Valentin is stunned that a teacher at nearby Bayville Intermediate School was arrested.

"It's not behavior that we're use to in our neighborhood. This doesn't happen,' she said.

John Benstock, a 47-year-old music teacher, has been charged with having inappropriate contact with a student under 10 years old.

"We corroborated what we believe was inappropriate conduct that was detrimental to the moral well-being of the children," Det. Sgt. Matedero of Nassau County police said.

Investigators say a child in one of Benstock's music classes told a parent about touching that had happened in class.

The parent contacted the school system and administrators eventually called in police, who are being tight-lipped with specifics.

At the school today, parents and staff for the most part avoided reporters' questions, though several admitted off camera they were concerned about what the continuing investigation may find.

In a statement to parents, the school superintendent said, "Mr. Benstock has been reassigned to his home. Pending the outcome of investigations by the police and the district, Mr. Benstock has been directed to not have any communication or contact any student."

Some here are cautioning against a rush to judgment.

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