Woman, 84, robbed at knifepoint

May 10, 2011 2:20:29 PM PDT
Police are investigating a frightening attack on elderly New Jersey woman.

She was robbed at knifepoint inside her apartment when someone in the senior apartment building buzzed in a violent bandit.

"Somebody rings all the buzzers and someone let's them in. If they didn't do that, we wouldn't have a problem," tenant Tony Sciloi said.

That's apparently what happened Sunday morning at the Grandview Terrace apartment building in Jersey City.

The stranger wandered the halls, came upon the 84-year-old woman in her apartment, and robbed her at knifepoint.

Security cameras in the hallway captured pictures of the robber. Police are reviewing those.

Meantime, a tug of war has been brewing over security. Maintenance workers handle security during the week, but the tenant's board leaders say there are no guards on weekends.

"And low and behold on Mother's Day, people in and out with no one checking," Ed Hussey, tenant board vice president, said.

"We don't want guards 24-7, just weekends and holidays," Tony DiBella, tenant board president, added.

But, Brother Thomas says a majority of the 320 tenants signed a petition against additional security because cost would raise the rents, and most people here are on fixed incomes.

"These people don't speak for us, tenants just need to stop breaking the rules," he said.

He says the problem can be solved from within, with neighbors ending some bad habits.

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