Judge overtuns $18.5M settlement for wrongly convicted victim

May 13, 2011 3:07:25 PM PDT
After serving 22 years for a crime he didn't commit, Alan Newton thought he was going to at least get compensated when he was awarded $18.5 million by a jury, 6 months ago.

However, that award was taken away on Thursday by a federal court judge who decided that the award was unwarranted.

"I'm still going through motions, trying to figure out how to feel, and I need to do what's right." Newton said. But Newton is long past angry. He says he is determined.

Newton is trying not to think of the 22 years of his 49 years of life that he lost. "I just need to keep moving forward." Newton said.

Newton will be moving forward with his attorney John Schutty. "I find that a shocking result." Schutty said.

Shutty cannot believe the judge's decision. "Go back to the 90's when the city and police told Newton in prison the DNA evidence in his case was destroyed and that he was at a dead end in his quest to get the evidence to prove his innocence." Shutty said. "All the time another man's sperm was in the rape kit attached to Newton's case, while Newton served time."

That kit Shutty is referring to was never sought out, or was lost for years until it was found by the Innocence Project and Newton was exonerated in 2006.

"It's well beyond negligence, what happened to that DNA evidence. This was reckless." Shutty said.

Even though Newton has experienced multiple let downs in his life that were major, he continues to keep an upbeat attitude. "That's part of life unfortunately. And it shapes your character also." Newton said.