Is Judgment Day coming May 21st?

May 18, 2011 5:23:16 AM PDT
Eyewitness News explored Judgment Day and why many people think it's coming on May 21st.

On a religious mission, George Finn is out spreading the word.

"God has led me through like this incredible journey," Finn said.

As the side of his RV proclaims, Judgment Day is coming soon.

"People will see the rising up of the true believers wherever it may be," Finn said.

Finn's belief is what Harold Camping, a Christian broadcaster and author, has been preaching.

"When May 21st comes in any city, any area of the world, about 6 p.m. there is going to be the beginning of Judgment Day," Camping said, "It's going to be an earthquake that the whole world will know instantly that Judgment Day has begun."

The word is spreading as Camping's "Family Radio Network" sends out caravans.

One of them is moving up the east coast carrying a belief that other religious leaders find seriously flawed.

"The reason he gives us a day is so that we can be urgent or instant, in season or out of season, so that we will always live our lives as if today was the last day. How many of us really do that? So, picking a day is always counterproductive," said Dan Stratton, a pastor.

Dan Stratton is pastor and co-founder of Faith Exchange in TriBeCa.

The bible, he and others believe, has numerous references to the Judgment Day or rapture as it's sometimes called, but just no specific date.

"Folks who pick dates, they end up betraying their followers because they are wrong, time and time again," Stratton said.

Camping though, claims his calculations projecting the Judgment Day come from one source.

"Everything had to come from the bible. It could not come by a dream or a vision or a voice," Camping said.

"We're not supposed to bring fear. We're not supposed to bring dread, and we are certainly not supposed to bring irresponsibility to where our people are just not doing what they're supposed to do coming into the day," Stratton said.

As George Finn and other believers tried to hand out brochures, others expressed their mixed feelings.

"I don't think we know when it's going to come. I don't think you can calculate, it's just going to happen," a person on the street said.

But it also raises the question how George Finn is preparing, spending some of his money to buy the RV to spread the word.

"It's a privilege for me to be doing what I am doing, but it doesn't mean I've been saved," Finn said.

"When people ask me what to do I say, 'Pray, pray, pray,'" Camping said.

Praying over what has yet to come.