Fired worker dies in confrontation with NYPD on SI

May 18, 2011 3:59:11 AM PDT
A disgruntled former employee was fatally shot by police responding to the shooting of a Staten Island couple.

Police say 52-year-old Semyom Levin, one of the victims, was found dead on the scene.

Officers confronted 48-year-old Ilya Iglanov, who was armed inside the closet of the home on Collyer Avenue in the Annadale section, just after noon on Tuesday.

Police say Iglanov pointed his gun at his head and then turned the weapon at the officers, who were forced to open fire.

The man was suspected of pushing his way into an apartment and shooting a couple he used to work for, both computer technicians.

Levin's wife, 45-year-old Marina Tartakouskaya, was shot in the abdomen.

Levin was shot in the head.

They were both taken to Staten Island University Hospital. The woman was stable and expected to survive.