Man who killed 2 teens in crash, arrested again

May 17, 2011 3:19:58 PM PDT
An arrest on Long Island is sparking outrage in the community.

David Heise was out on bail and waiting to be sentenced for a car crash that killed two teenagers and dealing drugs.

Now, he is behind bars again.

This time he was picked up for heroin possession.

Prosecutors now want the judge to through the book at him.

"I'll miss him every day of my life. I wish I could trade places with him but I can't," said Eugene Franjola, Sr., the victim's father.

A year later, and it still feels like yesterday for the families of Eugene Franjola and Stephen Massina.

The best friends were killed when David Heise sailed through a Ronkonkoma red light without a license.

A judge gave him a break.

It was an act of goodwill that Heise allegedly squandered, in a matter of days.

"Yeah I was mad. And I think the people of Suffolk County should be mad too," Suffolk County District Attorney Tom Spota said.

Suffolk D.A. Tom Spota is livid.

He's angry that Judge James Doyle gave Heise what prosecutors say amounts to a slap on the wrist.

The complicated case began with the tragedy in Ronkonkoma last April, when Heise caused the crash that killed the teens.

Heise was charged with criminally negligent homicide and released on bail.

But within four months, he was back when police caught him with a hundred bags of heroin in his underwear and the clear intent to sell it.

"A judge, rather than listen to our recommendation, gives him a deal that I have never heard before," Spota said.

Last week, Heise pleaded guilty in both cases.

But, Judge Doyle sentenced him to just one and a third to four years, a fraction of the 13 Heise had faced, and his sentence wouldn't start until August.

"The judge said if you screw up between now and sentencing on August 10, the ball's in your court," Franjola said.

Not two days later he was arrested again, this time, for drug possession in Queens.

Back in Riverhead Tuesday, another judge revoked Heise's bail and locked him away.

And on Monday, prosecutors will ask Doyle to reconsider his sentence.

The families of Heise's victims are hoping he gets the max.

"So far they've been pretty lenient with him and I don't think it's right, but hopefully now they punish him for what he's done," said Meagan Massina, Stephen Massina's sister.

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