Man who killed two teenagers back behind bars

May 19, 2011 3:21:43 PM PDT
There is strange twist involving the man who killed two teenagers in a car crash on Long Island.

David Heise is back in jail and now accused of bringing drugs into his cell.

Just how he allegedly smuggled the drugs in and how cops found them is the story.

This balloon was loaded with drugs tobacco and other contraband, and the whole mess was shoved where the sun don't shine.

"We just can't have this. This is a person who just disregards the law," said Suffolk County District Attorney Tom Spota.

And what makes this even worse says Suffolk County's DA Tom Spota; the man who turned himself into a drug mule is someone prosecutors know all too well.

"This person is in my view an absolute danger. He's killed two people, he's been selling heroin, he's been possessing heroin, and now we have prison contraband," Spota said.

Last week, 29-year-old David Heise pleaded guilty to killing best friends Eugene Franjola and Stephen Massina in a car wreck, and, in a separate case, to dealing drugs.

But just two days after his guilty plea, Heise was out on bail awaiting his sentence when he was arrested again for drug possession in Queens.

On Tuesday, he returned to Suffolk County court, where a judge revoked his bond and sent him to jail.

But county Sheriff Vincent DeMarco says Heise brought a little something with him, and not just to tide himself over, he also allegedly planned to sell it to other inmates.

"Inmates will fight to get this stuff they'll use it for payment to beat other people up, to attack officers. It's dangerous and that's why the stuff is banned," DeMarco said.

Meanwhile, Eyewitness News has learned that when Heise was arraigned in Queens, his rap sheet somehow included no record of his recent guilty pleas, or even the arrests in those cases.

The Queens judge never heard about them, and granted bail of $5,000.

For Eugene Franjola's mother Barbara, it's just another frustrating twist, in her heartbreaking case.

"God forbid he killed somebody coming from Queens after being bailed out on five thousand dollars bail. The system has to get their acts together. They really do," Barbara Franjola said.

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