Cops discuss alleged fixing of a DWI incident

May 19, 2011 2:44:41 PM PDT
Another twist in the NYPD's ticket-fixing scandal.

Eyewitness News has obtained audio from a wiretap that reveals police allegedly discussing how to get a fellow officer out of a drunk driving charge in Westchester County.

The light pole and the parking meter have been repaired but it's a different kind of fix that remains under investigation. The Tuckahoe police department and the Westchester DA are looking into whether Tuckahoe cops gave a free pass to an off-duty NYPD officer who may have been drunk when he crashed his car.

Details of the crash last April surfaced on cell phone recordings obtained exclusively and shared with Eyewitness News by the website

The conversation is between one NYPD officer telling another about the incident. The officer identified only as Chris says he was summoned to the scene in the middle of the night by a Tuckahoe sergeant.

Sources identify the driver as 27-year-old Michael Lazarou who is assigned to the 19th precinct on the Upper East Side. Lazarou reportedly asked to speak with his union delegate. who was called and allegedly told the Tuckahoe cops were only issuing two summonses for reckless driving.

Lazarou's insurance company paid the village $17,000 thousand dollars for the damage.

Investigators say possible charges against the Tuckahoe officer and sergeant could include official misconduct, filing a false report, and for Lazarou possible insurance fraud.

As for the argument officers were extending a professional courtesy, the chief says not when it comes to DWI.


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