Jury deliberations head to day 3 in NYPD rape trial

May 20, 2011 3:23:46 AM PDT
The jury begins its third day of deliberations Friday in the trial of two NYPD officers accused of rape.

Prosecutors say officer Kenneth Moreno raped an intoxicated woman in her East Village apartment in 2008.

Moreno's partner, officer Franklin Mata is accused of standing guard during the assault.

Earlier, the jury asked the judge for clarification of police misconduct.

The officers face 25 years in prison if convicted.

Moreno and Mata were called to help the drunken woman get home from a taxi. Moreno is accused of raping the now 29-year-old woman while she was physically helpless after passing out.

Moreno says the woman made sexual advances, and they cuddled in her bed but didn't have sex.

Jurors requested a transcript Wednesday of a taped conversation between the woman and Moreno in which he denied having sex but also said he wore a condom.