A Mother and Daughter Love Story That Never Fades

July 5, 2011 1:41:44 PM PDT
Yanique Pierre and Hida Jean were discussing role reversal as they climbed the stairs together.

"We were just walking and I said, 'who is the mother and who is the daughter?!' because we are walking and she's my mother and she takes me like a baby. She takes care of me like a baby," Pierre said.

In the time it takes to go from the platform to the sidewalk, you can glimpse a love story that is 53 years in the making. Yanique is on her way to the doctor, her mother's arm wound through hers...holding her up.

This is a story of love that never fades. "I took her because sometimes she loses balance. I have to take her like that. I'm sick, but I've been blessed because I have my mother - she's 80 years old and she takes care of me," Pierre said. "Sometimes even when I can't sleep, she's coming to my bedroom. Last night, my legs were bothering me so much and I call her, she coming. She sat down in my bed and help me and massage, soft massage on my legs and I fall asleep. This is amazing to have a mother like my mother"

At the end of the walk, they reached the doctor's office, along with all the anxiety and uncertainty it inspires. However, Yanique Pierre feels protected.

"I'm so proud and I'm so happy and I'm blessed - for me...for me... my mother. She's amazing."