Trying to get rid of smell on Long Island beach

May 25, 2011 3:21:35 PM PDT
With the unofficial start of summer only days away, one community on Long Island is fighting to fix a stench on the beach.

Call it paradise, piped in. Workers at Point Lookout pumped tons of sand onto the end of the beach community. And from his deck above it all, homeowner Roger Daly said it couldn't have happened soon enough.

"It was awful, awful odors coming from here and we had to leave this place. We couldn't stay here," he said.

His dream home became practically unlivable last year because of the unrelenting sulfur smell of rotting seaweed left behind at the tip of point lookout after fierce storms washed the sand away trapping the seaweed behind. And when the wind blew from the north, that stench engulfed this seaside town.

So just in time for summer, the town of Hempstead says it's solving the problem once and for all putting a marine dredge to work sucking up sand from the bottom of Jones Inlet and dumping it right back on the beach. The town recently spent a million bucks to buy the equipment. Now town supervisor Kate Murray says it'll come in very handy whenever a storm wreaks havoc on paradise.

"The erosion absolutely caused the seaweed scenario so we're helping the erosion and we're removing the seaweed. So I think it's a good day in Point Lookout," she said.

All the mud eventually will dry into a perfectly sugary white sand, and the town says by the time the dredging project ends in just a couple of days, this entire area will be a picture perfect beach. And the people who live around here will finally be able to breathe easy, in more ways than one.

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