Pranksters lose prom on Staten Island

May 27, 2011 3:20:40 PM PDT
No school prom for dozens of students at a high school on Staten Island.

Nearly a quarter of the graduating class at Moore Catholic High School is banned from the dance after they were caught drinking on school grounds.

A number of parents of the kids who are suspended, decided to have another prom. The principal at Moore Catholic suspended 50 students from their prom. The principal would not comment on this story.

A number of students say two weeks ago, dozens of students slept over on the football field to do something fun. They say there was underage drinking, and graffiti and vandalism by a small number of seniors.

50 out of the 170 students of the kids were suspended.

Girls were devastated, and the guys said this is taking away the biggest night of their life.

Parents will chaperone the backup prom.

A lot of kids who were not suspended will attend the alternate prom because that's where their friends will be.