Brooklyn boy mauled to death by family dog

May 29, 2011 8:15:05 AM PDT
A tragedy in Brooklyn: a little boy is mauled to death by the family dog in a gruesome and bloody scene.

Investigators still don't know what caused the dog to attack.

But now the Administration for Children's Services has removed the victim's siblings from the home.

The vicious attack happened Friday night in the family's apartment on Pacific Street in the Ocean Hill section of Brooklyn.

Many people who live in the neighborhood say they were always concerned about the dog involved in the attack.

Some are even saying it was a ticking time bomb that was just waiting to explode.

Four-year-old Jayelin Graham's lifeless body was rushed to Brookdale Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

He was bitten on the head, neck and torso by the Cane Corso mastiff in his mother's apartment.

The little boy's aunt, Calandra Jubeark said, "Within a split second it happened."

That quick her nephew Jayelin was viciously attacked and mauled to death.

The boy's mother telling her sister, "She said, 'The dog wouldn't let go.' It's painful," Jubeark said.

The gruesome aftermath of the attack was evident in the bloodstained hallway where tensions ran high after the mother came out screaming for help.

Several residents helped to subdue the dog which was in the apartment with other children.

Police tranquilized the dog after the attack.

The mother was emotionally distraught over the horrible death of her four-year-old child.

Her grandfather led her back into the apartment where the attack occurred.

"What a horrible way to die. I've got a lot of frustrations, a lot of emotions, a lot of anger." the grandfather said.

Residents and Jayelin's paternal aunt, D'Neisha Graham, say the boy was living in filthy conditions with dog feces and urine in the apartment.

"If you walk in there it is disgusting. It was very nasty. Nobody, anybody, let alone a child, could stay in that house," Graham said.