How good is your memory?

May 30, 2011 1:53:34 PM PDT
If you really studied a list of random words, how many could you recite- in exact order?

Five or six, maybe a few more? How about six dozen?

There's a team at a high school in Hershey Pennsylvania called the memory team.

One student can study a deck of 52 playing cards then put a second deck in the exact order. Another student can learn a new poem then rewrite it, complete with punctuation. The Hershey students are the 2011 winners of the U.S.A. memory competition.

Before becoming a teacher, Colette Silvestri worked in communications and technology. That's when she realized a whole generation hooked on high tech was missing basic skills, like how to study and retain information.

The secret to memory success?

"Mostly just repetition. Just repeating over and over in your head until eventually something sticks," said Mike Glantz.

It's a technique pros call link and associate. Link something you know and associate it with something you need to remember. It works well when you're trying to place a name-with a face.

And remember repetition. Because the repetition will help you remember.

Business consultant Rhonda Hess established the Pennsylvania Memory Competition. Hess says good memory is a crucial skill for future leaders.

For these teens right now memory team is something they feel good about. Winning big is something they'll always remember.