Toddler survives fall out window

May 31, 2011 9:36:21 AM PDT
It's a miracle she survived after falling more than 50 feet from that window and that a paramedic just happened to be walking by moments later.

"Thirty-five years with EMS, this is actually the first time I came up by myself to see a baby on the ground. I never thought that I would see in this day and age a baby out a window," paramedic Willis Sands said.

Sands has saved countless lives over three decades, but seeing a 2-year-old baby girl on the pavement after a five-story fall brought the off duty EMT to tears.

"I thought it was a doll laying on the sidewalk. So I went over. Are you ok? I yelled for the mother. I saw there was blood," he said.

Sands screamed for someone - anyone to call 911 around 11:30 this morning because the baby wasn't breathing.

He used those crucial moments to turn the girl on her side and clear her airway.

As the infant started breathing and moaning, Sands and neighbor Marion Irizarry saw a man looking down from a Cruger Avenue apartment.

"Somebody on the fifth floor window. He said 'My daughter! My daughter!' And started yelling out, 'My daughter. Oh crap my daughter!' He was on a cell phone. That's all he kept saying," Irizarry said.

A neighbor, who didn't want to be identified, says the baby is a twin. She says she sometimes watches the children while their mother is working at a nearby nursing home.

Building superintendent Israel Caesano has only been on the job for three months. He doesn't know the family and couldn't explain why that window did not have a guard.

As he wiped away tears, he said this is a sad day.

It was not clear why the little girl fell from the window. The investigation was continuing.

The girl remained at Jacobi Medical Center in critical condition, being treated for head trauma.